4 Mil Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing is the key to packaging odd-size items, long cylinders, or extra-large objects. Just slip the length or tubing over the item you’re packaging and seal both ends with an Impulse Bag Sealer or Closure to give your product a custom fit every time.


Made from 100% Virgin LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene Resin which meets FDA / USDA specifications for food contact. Ships in 1,100′ rolls.


To package your product using poly tubing, you will need a Poly Sealer/Cutter (sold separately—find it here).


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PT403 – 4 Mil 3" Poly Tubing, PT404 – 4 Mil 4" Poly Tubing, PT405 – 4 Mil 5" Poly Tubing, PT406 – 4 Mil 6" Poly Tubing, PT408 – 4 Mil 8" Poly Tubing, PT409 – 4 Mil 9" Poly Tubing, PT410 – 4 Mil 10" Poly Tubing, PT412 – 4 Mil 12" Poly Tubing


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