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What is Header Card Packaging?

Header card packaging is the most cost effective way to package your products!
No need to purchase expensive equipment, just simply place your product in a poly bag, then attach a fold-over header card to the top of the bag using a common stapler. That’s all there is to it!

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Header Card Packaging Step 1 Header Card Packaging Step 2 Header Card Packaging Step 3
Place Product in Your
Selected Poly Bag.
Place Poly Bag Inside of the
Folded Header Card.
Then Staple the Header Card
to the Poly Bag.
It's That Easy!

Header card packaging grows with your business!

Once you begin to move a high volume of products, there are some equipment options to reduce your time during packaging. As well as, equipment options that will reduce your overall bag costs. The fold-over header cards also decrease in cost as your volume increases!


Whether you are a new startup business or you need to move a
lot of products, header card packaging is for you!

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